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Ruby Falls and Biltmore Estate

Ruby Falls on Lookout Mountain - Chattanooga, Tennessee
The Chattanooga, Tennessee area is blessed with not one, but two legendary roadside Americana attractions which are Rock City and Ruby Falls. Both of these classic tourist destinations (Rock City opened to the public in 1923, Ruby Falls in 1929) are family owned to this day which is a modern wonder in the age of homogenization in America evident by a coast to coast glut of franchise restaurants and shopping malls. Ruby Falls is located in the limestone layer of the mountain. As the subterranean streams found their way through the crevices, the water dissolved the limestone and released an acid which aided in the formation of the Ruby Falls.

Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, America's Largest Home, gardens, winery, four-star inn, romantic getaway, and a four-star inn on 8000acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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